New Patients

What can I expect on my first visit?


When you arrive at Back in Action Chiropractic, our friendly staff will help you get started on your intake forms. This history is critical to ensure safe and effective care for your situation.

When new patients schedule an appointment at our office, we do our best to schedule you as soon as possible. To help do this, we have early and late hours throughout the week. The first appointment is the longest and usually takes under an hour. During this visit we gather your history, examine your problem, and typically we treat you on your first visit. In some cases an x-ray or other testing is ordered at this point. Follow up visits usually last 15 minutes or less. How many follow up visits can vary on the case. Some cases are very short, while others require more care. In any event, we will reach maximal improvement as quickly as possible.

On the first visit your condition, prognosis, what you can expect from treatment will all be discussed. After any questions, care will begin with the patients’ consent.


If you would like to expedite your paperwork process, please download and fill out BOTH of the following forms. Make sure to bring to your first appointment.

New Patient Form